Photonic Technologies

Photonics Technologies company brings innovation and automation to industrial projects. Our expertise ranges from components design to full-system development. We focus on areas of smart city, industrial electronics, fiber and free space optics. Reach out to us with your needs and we will tailor the right solution for you.


We work closely with you to design all aspects of your system to meet the most demanding applications of modern systems. Our design capabilities range from mechanical design and electronics development to OS and SW implementation.

Digital signage systems

We develop easy to manage digital signage systems that provide your customers with full experience using very effective low power systems that reduce the carbon footprint of your solution. Our systems work smoothly with a large number of peripherals, leveraging on our ability to add new devices on the run. You can rely on the top performance of our customized operating system to display high-definition content to your customers.

Automated kiosks

We specialize on customer facing kiosks that may provide customers with registration, selection and payment. All collected information is securely transferred online to your application for processing.

Smart city

We support Smart city projects from sole standing single purpose devices to complex machines that report and retrieve information from the Internet. We develop machines that can be remotely updated, set or even reinstalled to match your business needs at every moment.


Photonic technologies s.r.o.
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